How to Create a Landing Page For Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing there are certain actions that you must repeat repeatedly when you are setting up the beginning marketing program. You conduct your keyword research, competitor analysis writing content, website creation, and then creating a squeeze page. Outsourcing is a possibility for a lot of these tasks, and it is quite affordable to outsource your writing as well as your research on keywords (though the majority of marketers would rather do it by themselves). There is however more expense involved in outsourcing web development that’s why so many marketers prefer to learn how to build an effective

What do you need to design a squeeze page to promote affiliate marketing? Take a look at the categories below and decide which one is the most.

1. The “Geek”

If you fall into this group, then you are a fan of learning how to the code. The best thing to do to master the art of creating an effective website landing page, is to visit numerous websites and read the source code. Just right-click on the page and choose “view the source.” Then copy and paste that content to the HTML editor. For paid editors, many marketers use Dreamweaver (both Mac and PC) however there are many fantastic free HTML editors available including NVU (both Mac and PC), TextWrangler (Mac only) or Kompozer (PC only). Simply make a few changes and watch what happens. One of my top sources for HTML is an Squidoo lens that is called advancedhtml. You can search Google to search for “Squidoo advanced HTML” and you’ll discover it.

It is also fun to play with templates. Find templates for squeeze pages that are free (many designers share them) Download them, and you can play around playing around with code. If you’re interested in it, Photoshop is a good software that allows you to modify the graphics. It is important to note that there’s an extremely steep learning curve in Photoshop and it’s extremely costly…

Whatever you decide to do be aware that it’s illegal to copyright someone else’s information. So, prior to you make your own squeeze pages, ensure that you remove any graphics or content from other websites along with any scripts that are copyrighted.

2. The “Do-It-Yourselfer” With Time on Your Hands

You might not be the most tech-savvy, but you enjoy doing things by yourself. The paid templates could be the best option for you. They permit plug-and play capabilities (as as you’re not averse to the majority of your pages appearing similar) and allow you to modify the layout of your pages without learning a lot of HTML. It’s one small fee.

Templates can be made available in mini-sites in addition to WordPress themes. WordPress websites can assist you to achieve a higher rank on Google but recently it appears that they are not being ranked as. In addition it is true that WordPress is WordPress platform is vulnerable to malware attacks because it’s open source and also requires a significant amount of frequent updating. However, if you have the time then why not?

3. The Serial Outsourcer

There are always new projects to start but you do not have time to devote to website design. You send regular emails to your developer (or assign projects to outsourcing platforms such as ScriptLance) with keywords and information you’d like to have for your site and you’re keen to have your websites designed to perfection within a few days. But how do those web development costs growing…

What you require is a software program that will do the programming for you. A program that permits for you to type in the identical information that you’d provide to your outsourcing company (the keywords, titles descriptions, keywords, and other content) and then generates the graphic and HTML or PHP programming that you need together with an online sitemap, as well as other crucial SEO elements on your website to aid you in ranking on Google.


So…which kind of marketer do you belong to? Whatever you decide to do making squeeze pages is an essential mistake in the field of marketing. If you’re looking to save money on web development, think about creating the work yourself.

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