How to choose the right valve for your application

It is important to select the right Anix Valve USA for the job in order to get the best performance. You need to take into account a variety of factors and conditions in order to choose the right valve for your application. These variables will be largely determined by the service conditions and construction materials.

The first step in considering service conditions is to identify the type of medium that will be used. Different valve designs work better with liquids than others. It is crucial to find out if the liquid contains any solid particulate matter. It is important to determine whether the media will remain liquid or vaporize, so that it does not become a gas.

You should also consider the temperature and pressure throughout the system. This will determine the type of valve and the material it should be made from. Ceramics and refractory materials may be required at high temperatures. Bronze or stainless steel might be needed at very low temperatures. In the intermediate range, you will find the largest selection of construction materials. It can be anywhere between 150 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range can be used for carbon steel, cast iron and PVC plastic.

It is important to take into account the primary function of the valves. These include corrosion resistance requirements, thermal shock and physical shock limits, as well as potential fire hazards. These variables can usually be addressed through both the trim and initial materials.

It is also important to examine the purpose of the valve. On/off is the first of many functions that a valve can perform. Its primary function is to control the flow of the medium being moved. This is why the best valve designs are gate, stem and disc, plug, ball, and plug valves.

Throttling is another common function. Throttling valves can be used to regulate flow and must handle higher flow resistance when closed. There are many options for butterfly, slurry and angle valves.

The environment, the medium to be transported, the expected function and the surrounding conditions will all play a major role in selecting the right valve.

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